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If you are suffering from macular degeneration, then this article will help you as we will discuss the top 3 cures that can really help you out. There are two types of macular degeneration that people face: the dry AMD and the wet AMD. Of the two, the wet AMD is the more serious one. Today, we will mention one cure for dry AMD and two cures for wet AMD. Of course, these cures we will mention are not the only cures; there are actually many more. But you can be sure that these are the top 3 best cures for healing macular degeneration. Here now are the cures.  Find out for further details right here


1. The one cure for dry AMD is actually quite simple; and that is a strict diet and good nutrition. Because dry AMD deteriorates your vision very slowly, and does not even completely blind you, a strict diet and good nutrition should be good to heal it or to prevent it from getting worst. Vitamins A, C, and E are great vitamins for your eyes. So if you suffer from dry AMD, you should really incorporate a lot of vitamin A, C, and E into your diet so that your dry AMD can heal completely or prevent your macular degeneration from getting worst. Learn more about macular degeneration vitamins, go here. 


2. One cure for wet AMD is anti-VEGF medication. This is a medicine that will stop your blood vessels from producing more blood vessels in your eye. VEGF stands for vascular endothelial growth factor; this is the chemical responsible for creating new blood vessels in your eyes. So your wet AMD will not get worst because no more blood vessels are being created. Anti-VEGF medication can actually also completely cure your wet AMD by shrinking the abnormal blood vessels causing your macular degeneration. 


3. And another cure for wet AMD is through surgery. The surgery can help by removing the abnormal blood vessels found in your eye. And because these abnormal blood vessels are removed, blood and fluid leaking are no longer a danger for causing further damage to your eye sight. So surgery can really prevent your wet AMD from getting worst or it can heal your wet AMD altogether. However, when you undergo surgery, you will have to go back every month for checkup if new abnormal blood vessels have been created or are found. This is the second way in which you can cure macular degeneration. Please view this site for further details.